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База данных Passport

The database currently contains complete historical information for over 64,000 open-ended funds of which more than 33,000 are active and over 31,000 are delisted.


About Emerald Publishing

Emerald Publishing was founded in 1967 to champion new ideas that would advance the research and practice of business and management. Today, we continue to nurture fresh thinking in applied fields where we feel we can make a real difference, now also including health and social care, education and engineering.

Emerald Publishing была основана в 1967 году для продвижения новых идей, которые будут способствовать развитию исследований и практики бизнеса и менеджмента. Сегодня мы продолжаем развивать новое мышление в прикладных областях, где, по нашему мнению, мы можем реально изменить ситуацию, в том числе в сфере здравоохранения и социальной защиты, образования и инженерии.

Emerald управляет портфелем из более чем 300 журналов, более 2500 книг и более 1500 учебных материалов.

Издательство Oxford University Press

Oxford University PressWith origins dating back to 1478, Oxford University Press (OUP) is the world's largest university press with the widest global presence. Our Global Academic Publishing program spans the entire academic and higher education spectrum, including a wide array of scholarly and general interest books, journals, and online products.

Коллекция Oxford Handbooks Online


The first Oxford Handbook was published more than a decade ago, since then the Oxford Handbook series has become one of the most prestigious and instantly recognizable handbook series across the globe. In 2009, Oxford launched Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO) and Handbooks from the esteemed Oxford Handbooks series were available online as a collection in four subject modules – Business & Management, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. The relaunch of OHO expands coverage to 14 subjects on a re-engineered platform with improvements to look-and-feel, navigation at the article level, and discoverability. The redesigned site and revolutionary changes to the publishing program include monthly updates introducing articles in advance of print publication and beyond the book born-digital content ensuring the most current, authoritative coverage anywhere.

Passport for Academics and Librariesgogif

Passport for Academics and Libraries

The world's top academic institutions use Passport for teaching and research across a range of disciplines.

Through using Passport's robust analysis and visualisation tools, faculty can design teaching materials and projects with "real-world" relevance, such as strategic planning, economic analysis, industry benchmarking, competitive threats and market entry studies.

The United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Statistics Division is committed to the advancement of the global statistical system. We compile and disseminate global statistical information, develop standards and norms for statistical activities, and support countries' efforts to strengthen their national statistical systems. We facilitate the coordination of international statistical activities and support the functioning of the United Nations Statistical Commission as the apex entity of the global statistical system.

UN Comtrade Database

UN Comtrade Databasegif

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) contains detailed imports and exports statistics reported by statistical authorities

of close to 200 countries or areas. It concerns annual trade data from 1962 to the most recent year. UN Comtrade is considered the most comprehensive

trade database available with more than 1 billion records. A typical record is – for instance – the exports of cars from Germany to the United States in 2004

in terms of value (US dollars), weight and supplementary quantity (number of cars). The database is continuously updated. Whenever trade data are received from the national authorities, they are standardized by the UN Statistics Division and then added to UN Comtrade. 

Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)

Since 1960, CRSP has provided research-quality data to scholarly researchers and advanced the body of knowledge in finance, economics and related

disciplines. Today, nearly 500 leading academic institutions in 35 countries rely on CRSP data for academic research and to support classroom instructions. 

CRSP Survivor-Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Database

CRSP Survivor-Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Databasegif

As the provider of the only complete database of both active and inactive mutual funds, CRSP leads the way in mutual fund research. The CRSP Survivor-

Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Database serves as a foundation for research and benchmarking for this asset class. The survivor-bias-free nature of the

database ensures accurate performance benchmarks and valid analysis.